Zip World

A timeline of soaring success

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Key takeaways

The Challenge

Zip World needed a digital strategy to reach new audiences and brought us on board to convince people to travel to North Wales for fantastic experiences.

The Work

A strategic approach to digital advertising and delivering engaging creative whilst we maximised industry trends such as experience gifting.

The Results

Significant numbers and revenue growth lead to further projects and collaboration with this exciting growing attraction brand.


Our relationship with Zip World now extends for nearly 4 years and we are incredibly proud of our accomplishments with them. Our work has supported the growth of Zip World, from the very beginning we’ve been recommending activity and driving results, literally delivering millions of pounds of revenue consistently year on year!

The team at Zip World are progressive, forward thinking with amazing experiences and an ambition for growth, and a great bunch on top. We worked with them to help navigate some challenging times, three national lockdowns to mention just three!   

Our relationship has remained strong through the entire period and we worked closely with them to deliver fantastic results in the recovery from covid and successfully launch new experiences through 2022. 

First a bit of background.

First a bit of background. Zip World opened in 2013 at Penrhyn Quarry, drawing fearless visitors to North Wales to brave the world’s fastest zip line. Offering Zip 12 unique adventures across North Wales.

Now a hugely successful and popular attraction, its ambitious growth plans has seen Zip World open new sites across North and South Wales and launch new experiences such as underground golf, quarry karting and bounce below (gigantic trampolines hung inside the deep caves below).

In fact, a 2018 report estimated that visitors to Zip World contributed over a quarter of a billion pounds to the North Wales economy since 2013 – and 80% of Zip World visitors plan to return within the year. 

The bounce-back from Covid  

As the UK came out of the third national lockdown in March 2021 it was key to secure strong financial results following on from another enforced closure.

Our approach during this time was to focus on the areas that we knew would deliver the most success and biggest bang for its buck.

Focusing on key digital activation we delivered exceptional results and Zip World received the best numbers ever through the summer of 2021, providing confidence for the journey ahead. 

A timeline of soaring success 

Entering Zip Worlds new era 

The recovery from Covid has seen the return to the progressive growth for the Zip World team, with multiple new launches. 

Most notably has seen the launch of the Tower site in South Wales and a new experience at Llechwedd in North Wales with the world’s first underground mini-golf course. 

We have supported both experiences with paid media planning and activation, delivering tens of thousands of visitors to the experiences.

Underground Golf - A world’s first!

The world’s first underground adventure golf is set 500ft below the ground in a disused cavern, and only accessible by Europe’s steepest cable railway.

The 18-hole course provides an impressive display of lighting and interactive elements as you putt your way through the exciting and unique levels, with 4 floors to tackle.

Knowing that we liked to be tested, the Zip World team set us a challenge for Underground Golf as not only did we provide the media planning and activation, we also developed the launch creative, which had to be developed whilst the concept was still in construction.

Through a combination of clever filming in caves miles away from the actual product we delivered a pre launch creative and video that proved a rip roaring success generating more advanced ticket sales than any other experience Zip World has launched.

Zipping ahead to the future

With new product launches planned for 2023, we have a busy year ahead and we are looking forward to another exciting year. 

The launch campaign for Zip World’s Underground Golf, a world first product, delivered more pre opening sales than any other experience Zip World have launched. A testament to the creative and media activation delivered by navigate.