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Yeo Valley

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Nestled amidst the picturesque Somerset hills, overlooking the tranquil Blagdon Lake, lies the epicentre of organic farming, gardening and sustainable knowledge – Yeo Valley HQ.

Join us as we delve into their exciting future plans and discover how they're shaping a destination that harmonises nature and human experiences.

About Yeo Valley

“Nestled in the real Yeo Valley, overlooking Blagdon Lake you can experience a range of events, activities and stays to nourish you from the inside out,” said Rob Puffett, Head of Experience for Yeo Valley. 

“For over a quarter-century, we’ve been producing delicious, accessible organic food for all to enjoy. We’ve also been opening our doors for people to get much closer to the source and our inspiration the natural landscapes of the Mendip Hills.”

But the journey doesn't stop there. Rob continues, “At Yeo Valley we’re aiming to create further physical space for our ethos to come alive. A place where individuals can immerse themselves in nature and learn about regenerative organic farming.”

So, with their award-winning product range and services as a solid foundation, Yeo Valley is embarking on the creation of a new, immersive destination that promises innovative, inspirational, and hands-on experiences for all.

Experiences That Enlighten and Inspire - 
What’s Currently on Offer? 

An Organic Garden to Explore

The Yeo Valley Organic Garden spans over six and a half acres. It opens its doors to visitors and hosts a plethora of events throughout from April to October. Certified by the Soil Association, this garden is a patchwork of seasonal ornamental and edible plants that has evolved over the past three decades. It's a place to enjoy a cup of coffee, indulge in a light lunch, or engage in conversations and share tips with like-minded individuals.

The garden also plays host to various educational and experiential events. From foraging days and supper clubs to organic garden workshops, there's an experience tailored for everyone.

Their Canteen for a Bite to Eat

The Yeo Valley Canteen, initially a mouth-watering retreat for their hard-working team, is now open to the public. This accessible spot prides itself on being a canteen - not a restaurant or a hipster bistro. It's the ideal place for breakfast, lunch, or a casual cup of tea with a slice of cake. And let's not forget the breathtaking view!

Weddings in the Great Outdoors 

Finding the perfect wedding venue rooted in nature just got easier. Yeo Valley extends exclusive access to their paradise for couples looking to tie the knot. 

Imagine canapés and fizz in one of the UK's most beautiful outdoor organic garden spaces, paired with seasonal menus and unforgettable outdoor experiences. It's a wedding venue that promises to leave guests in awe.

Stunning Accommodation to Escape it All 

Yeo Valley has the answer if you're seeking a hidden oasis or a natural escape. They now offer a selection of sustainably built rural accommodations catering to romantic getaways, family holidays, or gatherings with friends. These idyllic stays are nestled amidst the countryside, providing a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Workspaces to Bring Minds Together 

Yeo Valley offers an alternative for businesses seeking a change of scenery. You can now book your team for away days and work sessions with a purpose. 

Escape the urban cityscape and reconnect with nature while fostering productivity and team-building. 

The Future and Beyond

How do Yeo Valley’s new experiences align with their vision? According to the Yeo Valley team, every single experience offered contributes to their overarching purpose and mission.

They believe that building a destination of experiences creates more opportunities for people to understand and embrace their commitment to sustainable farming and strengthen their connection to the community and the natural world.

Why Navigate?

“We see the offering that we currently have as just the start of the journey and we have some exciting plans in development on how we can take our offering forward in many areas, look out for updates in the coming months!  Navigate specialises in connecting people to places, be it destinations, nature reserves, or visitor attractions. At Yeo Valley, we have decided to partner with Navigate to help amplify our people-powered experiences and transform our long-term vision into reality.”

Rob Puffet, Head of Experiences for Yeo Valley.

A Sustainable Future

Simon Jones, Managing Director here at Navigate reflects on the partnership.

“As Yeo Valley Experiences continues to forge ahead with its mission, we can only anticipate more remarkable organic adventures and a sustainable future that beckons us all. We’re proud to be supporting the fantastic team to truly create a destination with real purpose”

Stay tuned for updates as Yeo Valley lead the charge in connecting people to nature and building a better tomorrow, one new adventure at a time.

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