An interview special with Director of ALVA, Bernard Donoghue

22 July 2022


CEO of Navigate, Anthony Rawlins, hosted an exclusive interview with Bernard Donoghue, Director of ALVA (Association of Leading Visitor Attractions).  

In this honest conversation, Anthony and Bernard delve into the world of visitor attractions, how ALVA has been impacted by the pandemic, the support that was offered to encourage recovery and what the future holds for this experiences industry.

Introduction: Meet Bernard

Meet Bernard Donoghue, Director of ALVA, Chair of Bristol Old Vic, Co-Chair of the London Tourism Recovery Board and much more!

Part 2: 

Why is ALVA important?

Bernard discusses the important factors behind why ALVA is so important to its members and the wider visitor attraction sector. 

Part 3: 

Industry support through the pandemic

Bernard discusses the support visitor attractions have received since the pandemic began and how ALVA members are feeling towards the future. 

Part 4: 

Post-pandemic opportunities and challenges

Anthony and Bernard explore the threats, challenges and opportunities that have arisen for the visitor attraction sector post-pandemic.

Part 5: 

International and Domestic travel

Bernard shares his view on the current state of international and domestic travel, and how he feels these sectors should be positioning themselves post-pandemic.

Part 6: 

International tourism figures and Brexit

Bernard expresses his concerns for international tourism since Brexit and where he hopes support will be offered for the future.

Part 7: Experience and traditional attractions

Ant and Bernard explore the differences between experiences and traditional attractions and what they mean for the future.

Part 8: 

How to turn attractions into an experience

Bernard highlights the key elements of developing an experience and how this enables attractions to reach new audiences.

Part 9: 

How can we encourage more visitors?

Bernard highlights the key aspects of increasing footfall and the new trends ALVA members are experiencing post-COVID.

 Part 10: Adapting visitor offerings

Bernard explores how visitor attractions can adapt their offering to engage with new audiences and re-position themselves in this post-pandemic era.

Part 11: Collaboration and innovation

Discussion turns to the future of the visitor attraction industry, collaborations between experiences and attractions and whose leading the sector in terms of innovation. 

Final thoughts

Bernard takes this final moment to reflect, on the past couple of years for the visitor attraction industry, where he hopes to see developments for the experiences sector and new innovations that path the way.