Travel and Attraction Marketers: Here’s How To Make Video Content in 2023

29 March 2023

The importance of good video content cannot be underestimated in 2023. This powerful marketing tool has the ability to capture attention and deliver effective messaging in a matter of seconds. In the travel industry where emotions are crucial in decision-making, this approach to content has a high potential for inspiring, educating and persuading customers. So here are some of our top tips and practices for creating content that motivates.

Choosing The Video Content

Know before you show

You need to know who you’re creating for, where it’s going and the pain points you’re addressing in the video before you even pick up the camera. If you haven't got this focus when you're shooting, the messages aren’t getting through and reaching the right audience regardless of how good the content is. Right place, right time, right people.


Stories are everywhere, they’re what creates the emotional connection that cultivates in our heads. What story do you want to tell through the content you’re creating? What emotions do you want to stir? What message are you trying to communicate? If you can capture the essence of your brand by answering these questions in your storytelling, you’re onto a winner. Video content shouldn’t be created as an add-on or afterthought, if you're going to create, you need to know why. Use a script as an outline but don’t let it harm the authenticity of the content you’re creating, people can sense overengineered content from a mile away, and they don’t like it.

It's not about you, it's about them

Experience is the epitome of the travel and attractions industry. Your video content needs to focus on unique memories and experiences, not just the destination. Highlight the sensations and sentiments that travellers will take away by creating an immersive experience in your content. Visuals, music, and sound effects will all go a long way towards that inspired feeling. Keep it human, though. Overengineering, making it brand based or all about you instead of the customer, is not the way to their hearts. Don't sell the destination - sell the value of it. 

The Video Itself

Short and sweet

We live in an age of dwindling attention spans, I’m sure you’ve considered clicking off this article once already! So, keep your content engaging, short and sweet. Try not to let your video go past 2 or 3 minutes and keep it wholly focussed on your message and atmosphere to keep it dynamic and interesting.

High-quality visuals and consistency

In a visual medium, if the quality isn’t up to par when you’re trying to capture the essence or beauty of a destination, it can really hinder the experience of those watching. Mixing aerial shots, ground-level and close-ups is going to create a unique mix that shows off the unique features whilst creating visually engaging content. Colour-grading and creating a consistent visual style that reinforces your brand identity will only help you connect more with your audience. Consistency overall will help with that longer-term connection you’re looking for. It also goes to say that it should be optimised for whatever platform you’re utilising.

Finishing Touches

Calls-to-action and testimonials

Your call to action is so crucial to helping encourage viewers to act, on booking or simply just visiting your website. Make it clear, concise and easy to do. Put it at the end of your video and include a clickable link for extra ease. They shouldn’t have to work for it. Client testimonials are also a great way to help show a real-life application of your services and can help build authenticity.  

Perfectionism be damned

With a good strategy, a good story and a clear message, you can still make great and moving content. Whilst quality video will help, not everything needs to be perfect to have an impact.  

To sum up...

Engaging video content is essential if you truly want to capture your audience. Try putting into action some of the tips and tricks we’ve just mentioned and you may just be pleasantly surprised by the results. If you need help creating the kind of engaging video content that will capture the audience's imagination, contact us today.

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