What is Social Listening in Marketing?

20 April 2023

Navigating Marketing Strategy: Why Should You Use Social Listening?

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Social listening

Social listening is ultra-valuable for gathering insight into customer opinions, about you and your competition. With the efficiency of digital tools now, there’s no need for this to take a long time, meaning valuable insight for little time resources. 

Why should you conduct social listening?

Monitoring the digital space for how people feel about you, your market and your competitors means being able to easily adjust your presence in the social sphere. Is it people-pleasing? Maybe. But it’s what will help you secure your position in the market, fill any gaps or enhance your strengths, and become a better organisation.

Social media is crucial to online discussions, tracking customer activity and learning how to be responsive. This way, customers can feel listened to, you can improve their perceptions, and mitigate any upcoming situations. And with the tools at your disposal? Easy win.

What is sentiment analysis?

Understanding if conversations and opinions of you in the digital world are positive, neutral or negative, can be very insightful. And, can break down preconceived perceptions you may have internally. It doesn't matter what you think your brand is, if everyone online thinks the opposite.

It’s analysing things like service reviews and social chatter to understand how customers might feel about different aspects of an organisation. AI has generally picked up deciphering human interactions to a degree of understanding the emotion and tone being discussed. That doesn’t mean it’s accurate all of the time.  

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How is sentiment analysis useful?

Knowing what people think about you, will always be handy. Using AI or manually checking reviews, engagement and conversations, can give quick and effective insight. Not only might you be able to see where you’re doing well, but also where you’re lacking, and able to fill the gaps. 

What tools can you use for Social listening?

Your classic tools like Hootsuite are great for monitoring mentions, conversations and keywords but there are many out there which will be good for different needs, take a look at some like Brand24AwarioBrandwatch and Lexalytics.


Social listening is like holding a cup to the wall.

Great for insight about you and you can catch up to sentiments about your competitors and the industry at large. How your customers respond to you can say a lot about where you are as a company, your strengths and weaknesses, and your opportunities and threats. Mitigate a PR crisis before it happens, and give customers what they love - a brand that listens.

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Sophie Wembridge

Marketing executive at Navigate, Sophie has a background in Psychology, English and Strategy, which comes in handy when getting to the bottom of things and figuring out what makes people tick. Let's stop talking small and start thinking big.