Robin Robin Trails

RSPB, Netflix and Aardman Animations

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Robin Robin, a film created by Aardman, was premiered and promoted by Netflix ahead of Christmas 2021. The film is about a young robin adopted and raised by a family of sneaky mice. In her search to find her place in the world, she makes a heartfelt wish on a Christmas star.

Navigate worked closely with RSPB, Aardman and Netflix, developing a high impact piece of video content that formed the bridge between the magical world of animation to the real world, just as magical 'on your doorstep'.

Our Approach

Aardman and Netflix formed a brand partnership with RSPB. As a result, the RSPB produced a fabulous activity pack and ran children's experience trails across more than 30 reserves. The trails stayed on-brand, encouraging children to think like birds and mice, connecting them to the natural world.

The RSPB tasked Digital Visitor to produce a campaign that would promote the trails and packs to young families across their reserves in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Our inspiration came from a creative craft theme merged with nature experiences. We led the viewer through a journey starting in an underground burrow, through a leafy tunnel and into a reserve. We follow two children excitedly delving into the packs, running to explore the natural environment and getting acquainted with creatures and birds they encountered along the way. The final execution featured several formats covering different ratios, lengths and languages.


Our Strategy

Enriching the organic social media and web feeds of the RSPB and forming the backbone of a finely tuned paid social media campaign. Outlets included advertising on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, Digital Visitor crafted specific 15, and 30-second videos for YouTube focused on driving web traffic to the RSPB site.

From the website, visitors could easily find the details of the closest or most convenient Robin, Robin trails to their home or intended location. We configured a sophisticated optimisation strategy to ensure we could reach the correct and most responsive audiences as efficiently as possible.

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