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Plymouth Gin Distillery

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If you’re partial to a G&T, you’ve no doubt heard of Plymouth Gin? This iconic spirit brand found all over the world has humble beginnings. Located in the historic Barbican quarter of Plymouth, Britain's Ocean’s City, the Plymouth Gin Distillery produces every single drop of Plymouth Gin drank around the globe. 

Not only that, but they offer incredible tours, events and even workshops to truly experience what makes Plymouth Gin one of the best spirits in the world. So, as specialists in tourism, it’s our job to help this award-winning brand home grow its visitor numbers, and raise awareness for its award-winning sustainability credentials. 

That’s the spirit  

Plymouth Gin Distillery proudly holds the title of England's oldest operational distillery. Since 1793, it has been the hub of all things Plymouth Gin, following the original recipe that has stood the test of time. Each year, it draws thousands of eager visitors, all seeking to immerse themselves in the singular ambience of the Plymouth Gin Distillery and savour its acclaimed gin.

But as well as being the number one experience on TripAdvisor in Plymouth, Plymouth Gin Distillery is one of the most environmentally conscious distilleries in the UK. 

Not only have they evolved their gin-making process (more on that to follow), but they’re partners with another one of our clients, the Ocean Conservation Trust (OCT).

Plymouth Gin is the main partner in the OCT’s blue meadows seagrass programme. They’ve funded the protection of vast amounts of seagrass meadows in the Southwest of England and launched a new variation of their iconic bottle to raise even more funds for seagrass restoration. They practise what they preach and truly care about the environment.

“I live near Plymouth, so I’m proud to be working with arguably the city's most famous global brand. And they are so much more than a drinks brand. Plymouth Gin has proven its desire to use its brand for positive impact, exemplified by the OCT relationship and the sustainability innovations in its production processes. Furthermore, their experiences are fantastic. Fun, informative, and delicious! No wonder it's the #1 thing to do on TripAdvisor in the City.”

Anthony Rawlins, CEO of Navigate

Our Method

For over two decades, we’ve been developing strategies for destinations, attractions and charities looking to get people to visit them. Our work with Plymouth Gin Distillery will focus on exploring its relationship with the Southwest visitor economy, diving into its core strengths and leveraging its world-famous brand for greater visitor impact. 

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“We’re excited to be working with Navigate as their expertise and experience in tourism and visitor attractions will be a valuable resource for us to draw on. We are delighted to have Navigate by our side, guiding us towards our new ambitions and supporting us to achieve our goals."

Harriet Dailey, Brand Home Manager, Plymouth Gin Distillery  

For more information on Plymouth Gin Distillery, head to their website here. 

Plymouth Gin Distillery joins Navigate's impressive client portfolio of travel, tourism and conservation brands, including Yeo Valley, DFDS, the National Marine Aquarium, The Royal Geographic Society, Brighton i360 and Catalunya.

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