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The brief

Obviously tourism is a massive contributor to the UK economy, but did you know it’s estimated that by 2025 Britain will have a tourism industry worth over £257 billion? 

Despite this, in 2022 tourists coming to Britain were growing slower than in the rest of the world. 

‘Escape The Everyday’ was a £5 million campaign designed and led by our friends at VisitEngland to combat this. Destination Management Organisations around the UK were awarded funding to encourage people to book staycations and holiday here in England. The campaign content showcased the variety of experiences, vibrant cities, breathtaking countryside and visitor attractions available to escape from the daily norm. 

As part of a collaborative project we were proud to support a range of destinations across the UK. This included Visit Gloucester and Marketing Cheltenham who appointed us at Navigate Agency to help boost their local tourism numbers… so that’s exactly what we did and here's how.

Our three objectives

Our Approach...

Influencer PR

Four sets of influencers were selected based on their follower demographics, ability to create exceptional content and relevance to Visit Gloucester’s and Marketing Cheltenham’s target audience - ‘pre-nester couples looking for an urban staycation’. 

We created packed-out itineraries that allowed them to experience the things that made each location unique, exciting and current, from paddle-boarding to gin tasting and experiencing local festivals such as ‘Tall Ships’ and Science Fest. 

We tasked the influencers to develop live content to be posted on Instagram stories; this allowed their audience to discover the destinations in real time with them. Once their weekend visit had finished, reels and carousels were posted to their Instagram feeds, highlighting the best parts of their trip and recommending spots for dinner and stay.

Three of our chosen influencers also had a blog site, which allowed the Destinations to have written content that could be shared onto their ‘Visit us’ pages and included links to all the activities, places to eat and accommodation from the itinerary. 

Paid Activation 

We ran a fully implemented paid media campaign alongside organic social media content for the duration of the campaign. 

Based on the requirements and short project timings, we utilised Facebook ads and Google display for immediate results. The ads focused on the consumer need-state themes of ‘feeling excited’ and ‘feeling connected’ and targeted young couples looking for things to do / places to stay in the UK.

The results

Influencer posts impressions
Influencer posts reach
Paid media impressions
Paid media clicks

“To make sure we utilised the Escape the Everyday campaign funding from Visit England we chose the passionate team at Navigate Agency for their experience in the world of tourism. The team were fantastic to work with and delivered some brilliant results through collaboration with our internal team”

- Visit Gloucester 

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