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Key takeaways

The Challenge

Encourage people outside of Barcelona to experience the fantastic wider offering Catalunya provides across the region, from gastronomy to adventure and beyond.

The Work

We developed a range of stunning digital creative campaigns to bring to life the beautiful experiences available across the wider region.

The Results

We created one of the most visually appealing creative campaigns we've put together and an increased online presence for this stunning region.

“Inspired by the great journeys of discovery, undertaken by young European aristocrats”

The Catalan Tourist Board has devised routes that take you across a plethora of rich architecture and geography, so you can experience everything in depth, and still feel like the main character. For those who value connection, there are authentically human stories to uncover, and for those who value their tastebuds, there’s much to be savoured, all at a pace that suits you. 

So where do we come into this? Navigate has been supporting the Catalan Tourist Board in the UK developing a creative campaign to help raise awareness of the journeys to be taken around the stunning region with a special focus on food.  

Main objectives

The Grand Tour campaign is all about showing off the gastronomic wonders waiting to be discovered, exactly when they should be - off-season. Encouraging visits outside the core summer months means highlighting unique experiences away from the peak of holidaying. Promoting that to a UK audience really just meant drawing awareness to what’s already waiting for them. So we had to find the best way to let them know what they were missing, and the best way to know our message had been heard - using content views and website traffic.  

Our approach

Navigate took their creative brains for a test drive through the senses, to find what they thought would really make those British tastebuds tick. So, what did we have to do to send people running to the nearest tourist board website, and booking an off-season, off-beaten track Grand Tour? Planning, developing and producing concepts, then finding the best way to send them into the online atmosphere.  

The Creative Campaign

Once our creative team got into their zone, they developed a range of ideas tailored to couples interested in experiences, culture, history and gastronomy, as well as active seniors. Using exciting and captivating imagery unique to Catalunya, they created work to inspire visitors toward the beautiful scenery that the grand tour offers.

Monthly Travel Trade Email Support

Navigate are also supporting in creating emails to help tour operators and travel companies advise on Catalunya’s experiences, and how to best sell the experience to their customers.  

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