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Belize is a place for travellers who seek adventure off the beaten path, exploring the mystical Maya caves or the lush national parks. In 2018 there was a record growth in visitors, with the largest increase in overnight visitors for over ten years. The challenge for Belize Tourism Board was to build on the success and continue growth in a way that was sustainable in the long term.

Digital Visitor developed a campaign with Belize Tourism Board to grow awareness in the UK market and directly increase ticket sales to the region.

This campaign saw a 100% increase in bookings through a key specialised tour operator.

A campaign which focused on raising awareness of Belize with key UK audiences

Our three objectives

Our Approach

Over a 6 month period, we ran a multichannel campaign which focused on raising awareness of Belize with key UK audiences and driving traffic to the Belize website and the partners websites.

We began by running awareness ads utilising impactful content on the Facebook Audience Network. These ads drove traffic to the Belize Tourism website in order to inform users of the breadth of activities, sites and experiences on offer when visiting Belize. On Youtube, a full brand video and a 6 second bumper video were used and delivered considerable impressions and clicks. By having a short, engaging piece build awareness we were able to utilise interest with the longer piece and drive clicks to the site.

In order to optimise our ad placements, we created new pieces of content using footage from the brand videos. These were made for mobile consumption and included interactive stories ads, impactful cinemagraphs and a YouTube bumper ad. We also re-edited footage in the original videos into shorter, snappier edits which would b more effective on social media.

Simple but effective

An interactive Instagram Story was developed to encourage people to interact – by tapping across the story they would direct themselves to specific topic areas and swipe up to learn more. The campaign content was targeted at people in the UK interested in travel, wellness and luxury. We applied extra interest targeting to certain pieces of content, picking out themes such as food and exploration in order to hit the most relevant users.

We ran two data capture campaigns, each with a different prize partner – Journey Latin America and Audley travel. These again made use of the content we had available though mechanics that required the user to watch a video in order to enter. Simple mechanics like this have shown to be highly effective, requiring little work from users but ensuring the brand is communicated via the video content.

Increase in bookings
Impressions with key audiences
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