Destination Marketing: Your Training Solutions Programme

4 August 2022


Here at Navigate, we’re the UK’s leading agency for destination marketing. Formerly Digital Visitor, over the last 18 years we’ve worked with countless national and international tourist boards to attract more domestic and international visitors. During this time, we’ve developed an unparalleled understanding of what drives British tourists to visit.

Following requests to run marketing seminars by our destination clients for their members, we provided them with actionable tactics to elevate their own marketing. Thanks to the success of these seminars, we are now offering this service to all national and international destinations.

So, if you're looking to provide your members with additional value, and support them to enhance their marketing, join our Destination Member Marketing Programme. We are providing a training solution that can be tailored to the specific needs of your own destination marketing activity. 

Why are we doing this?

A lot has changed since 2020. Audiences, the booking cycle and potential visitor motivations have developed exponentially over the course of the pandemic. What new audience development opportunities do you have and how do you capitalise on them across your destination?

During the pandemic people began exploring locally and understanding the experiences on their doorsteps. Most adapted quickly to using digital for researching, socialising, sharing and of course, booking. Myriad attractions went to 100% advanced booking and most have maintained a high level since.  

Because companies were encouraged to think outside the box for content creation, partnerships and online engagement, digital marketing and traditional marketing budgets switched. The 70/30 split that used to bias traditional marketing was now being allocated online. 

What will we cover in the training programme?

Industry Trends

We'll provide an overview of key industry trends and how they have evolved over the last two years, this includes:

  • The rise of the experience culture
  • Migration of audiences to digital channels
  • Marketing innovation
  • Booking patterns

Audience Profiling

Audiences and their motivations have also evolved. 

We'll help you explore the key areas:

  • Your current audience
  • New audiences you want to attract
  • Their key habits and interests
  • What brands they interact with
  • The influencers that matter to them

Creative Collaboration

We are able to produce creative campaigns that integrate your key partners. This section can be developed specifically for your destination requirements and would focus on collaboration with your members. this includes a workshop with key stakeholders to define the creative route that will cut through the noise.

Campaign Development

Planning together, strengthening the position of your destination as a whole.

For this area we'll explore how you can extend the reach of a campaign to incorporate your key partners, this can include:

  • Organic content
  • Paid media
  • Utilising influencers
  • Brand partnerships