Travel planning is getting better one click at a time

8 September 2022


We all know that planning a getaway can madden even the most patient of us. Booking systems continue to improve, but let's be honest, there's still a way to go before we'd ever call it easy. 

Some big hitters like Airbnb, Google Travel, and Expedia know this all too well. 

So, here's what's happening.  


For Airbnb the penny finally dropped when they realised people felt overwhelmed by the choice of properties on offer. Airbnb has everything from holiday cottages to Hobbit homes and fancy flats to fun on a farm. So, to make things a whole lot easier, they divvied all their experiences into 56 handy dandy categories. And, for those who still can't make up their mind, they introduced SplitStay, a single booking with two or more locations.


Here's a retake on loyalty. Expedia (Group) has launched its Unloyalty programme. Book on any of their twelve brands, including Vrbo, and Trivago, and earn universal One Key Points. It sounds like a 'wonky' but possibly smart move. As for results, well, time will tell.

Google Travel   

As of May this year, Google Travel has introduced a new set of tools. With the tap of the finger, these new tools allow you to explore and discover places of interest, neat eats, road trips, days out and much more.

Chuck into the mix, their advanced flight search tool, Google Flights, you save money and experience more. All you need is a free Gmail account. Ok, why not?

Amp up your holiday  

Rental firms and car manufacturers are joining forces to give people an environmentally friendly(er) choice while on holiday. Partnerships between Tesla and car hire companies Avis and Hertz have made premium electric travel an everyman's choice.

 Elsewhere, travel comparison heavyweight Skyscanner has added new filters to find green or electric vehicles. The move from Skyscanner hopes these options will allow people to make more choices.

All together now

The travel industry is proud to be inclusive. That means treating people equally, being sensitive and being aware of how we treat everyone, regardless of their orientation or how they identify themselves. have introduced 'Travel Proud', a scheme which highlights over 10,000 properties in 95 countries that have undergone specific training that give them a better awareness of the needs and mindset of LGBTQ+ travellers. 

The takeaway

Travel is back, and that's something to celebrate, full stop. It's great to see the industry to evolve and improve. 

But, many hands (fingers in this case) make light work - when you have an idea or a poor experience, it pays to log your thoughts.