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29 October 2023

Christmas Gifting Can Give Your Visitor Attraction a Winter Boost

Once the spooky season is over, and the fizzle of Bonfire Night is done, people’s attention will turn to the big festive feast. 

There's a lot to love about Christmas, even if you're not into the tradition; time off, great food, a few sherries and time with people you want to hang out with. But, not only that, we believe Christmas is the perfect time to re-package your offer.

Christmas gifting options for your audience are a necessity, and here’s why.

Christmas is around the corner, and yes, people are still facing tight times for their wallets. 

But whilst Disney Plus and Oat Lattes are the first to be axed from the daily spending (supposedly), Christmas gifting is not likely to be taken off the cards. 

Cutting back this year, doesn’t mean people won’t be spending at all, they just want to get their money's worth and spend it where it counts. So, now should be the time where you let them know they can get that with you. Whilst it’s all well and good to offer items, what you really need to offer them is solutions.

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We’ve had enough of more stuff 

People are looking to spend their money on a way to make memories, whether an experience, a day out, or a night away. If your brand can be any of these things, you’re already in the running for the ‘best Christmas present of 2023’. When your customers engage with you throughout the year, they enjoy your service, your offering and your uniqueness. Why not bottle that up for Christmas? Perfect for the last-minute buyers that need to make an effort without making a … Well, effort.  

A gift for the year, not just for Christmas

A gift membership to an attraction or charity is another example of a product you can offer. The recipient gets a fun welcome pack to pull out of the Christmas stocking (hello bumper sticker) and they’ll receive updates and magazines throughout the year. Most importantly, they get the feeling that they’re part of something that’s making a positive difference. Which is better than another pair of socks right?

But you'll need to act quickly 

If you’re able to take payment online, you can still offer gift vouchers at a time when people are looking to spend money. Love languages are a big thing right now, and by providing an experience, rather than another set of Lynx Africa, you’re covering gift-giving and quality time. Create a downloadable PDF voucher for them to surprise a loved one in their card, or a gift box for something extra special. The easier you can make it for them in a very busy time, the better.

We’ve helped our clients get their Christmas campaigns ready early for Christmas. 

If you want to boost your brand's Christmas presence, get in touch and find out how we can help.  

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