Taking a deep dive into Attraction Marketing: Insights from our CEO Anthony Rawlins on Skip The Queue Podcast

14 June 2023

Our CEO, Anthony Rawlins, was invited by our pal and website guru Kelly Molson to be a guest on the latest Skip The Queue podcast episode.

If you've not listened to the podcast before (what have you been doing with your life?!), it's the perfect podcast for anyone involved or interested in working for/ with/ near the world of visitor attractions. Kelly, the founder and chief at RubberCheese, invites passionate, insightful and knowledgable folk from the attractions industry to dive into where the sector is heading and what we can learn from it. 

Photo by Michal Matlon
Photo by Meizhi Lang

Key Takeaways

In this week's episode, Anthony delves into the world of attraction marketing, offering invaluable insights and actionable strategies for success. Some of the topics covered were:

Delivering Remarkable Digital Advertising:

Anthony stresses the significance of having exceptional digital advertising. He advocates for a straight-line approach, emphasising that remarkable advertising is the most effective pathway to your target audience. Learn more in our full blog here.

Positioning Your Attraction as Essential:

In today's competitive landscape, placing your attraction as essential in the minds of your target market is crucial. Anthony explores strategies to accomplish this, drawing upon his extensive experience in the marketing industry. Read the full blog how to make your attraction essential.

The Number One Focus for Attraction Marketers:

Anthony reveals the number one focus that should be at the top of every attraction marketer's list this year. While we won't give away all the details here, let's say it's a game-changer that will revolutionise your marketing efforts and drive exceptional results. Read more here.

Introducing Wildling:

Tune in to learn about this exciting development for tourism and conservation in the UK.

Ready to listen?

The Skip The Queue podcast offers an incredible opportunity to gain insights into the world of attraction marketing. From delivering remarkable digital advertising to positioning your attraction as essential, the episode unravels strategies to elevate your marketing efforts and increase visitor numbers.

At Navigate Agency, we are dedicated to helping our clients succeed, and this podcast episode serves as an excellent resource for all attraction marketers. So, be sure to give it a listen on Spotify, wherever you get your podcasts 

Or you can click right here.