RoboCop-out – Will AI like ChatGPT Take Over the World (of Advertising)?

13 January 2023

AI or Die, where does new technology leave us?

As we all fret about our employment whilst new and interesting AI makes the rounds, we're left pondering, how long it will be before the bots rise up… 

Artificial intelligence has slowly been progressing through each industry for the past few years. From shopping, maps, writing, marketing, cyber security, and beyond. So, here at Navigate we decided to explore what the near future looks like for us in the marketing game.

Will AI "take our jobs"?

First off, AI has already been integrated into many life aspects, including marketing, for a long time. 

Chatbots handle customer service when us humans have had enough of donning our best customer service voices, and algorithms analyse data for campaign optimisations. Whenever you search for something on Google, their AI works away in the background to deliver what you want. So AI processes already make our lives easier in many different (mostly hidden) ways, so they're not about to send us packing just yet.


What does AI lack? One word. Humanity (bit dramatic really aren't we?).

What do we mean? AI can only create what it's asked to. It's great at completing tasks. But what it can't do (yet), is what makes us human - connect. Marketing is all about emotion. That human connection can lead to loyalty and a relationship that builds trust. AI can't colour outside the lines the same way our Creative Director can (lord knows, no one can think like our Duncan). AI can only work with what they've been programmed to. As humans we can do so much more, but we can also connect with others for different points of view and new ways of thinking. For example, if you asked ChatGPT, to write a blog about how AI could take the jobs of our content writers at Navigate. It would write a lovely piece of writing, with pros, cons and... 


See what just happened? Little old human me, I've deviated from the task. I've inputted something that was not set out from the start. I can talk about anything. Dogs, plants, tasty sandwiches. Nothing to do about AI though? And that's the point. Us humans can inject passion, humour, random thought, like no piece of AI software can. So, let's get back on track.

So, what can AI help with?

AI can help with some of the more mundane tasks that marketers aren't so excited about (whaaat? As if we're not raring to do data analysis!). But it's true, it can be a real time-saver, but it doesn't mean it has that certain je ne sais quoi. 

Our human brains require rest that computers don't (at least eight hours for me!). AI can reduce the room for human error, so of course is there is room for AI right now. However, AI isn't sensitive to the current social climate, and it can't adapt in the same way we can when discussing and talking about complex topics.

The pairing of humans with the latest technology is no new feat. People were scared when there were machines to help with weaving, ploughing, and printing and even when computers first came in. Technology will constantly evolve with humans trying to make things convenient, but it does precisely that. It makes our lives easier. It still requires us to operate. 

So, will AI take over marketing? Unlikely. But will marketers who know how to use AI to their advantage take over? Likely. 

Like anything in life, it's about balance. Let the AI take handle some of the basic and repeatable work, and leave you to mull over the creative and interesting tasks. This will free up your emotional capacity for that all-important connection. 

Like anything in life, the right tools can help you do the job, but they only mean something if you are using them correctly anyway.

Some tools to explore

  • Craftly - AI copywriting with a world of templates
  • Sembly - The ultimate meeting assistant that will record, transcribe, and analysed
  • Browse - Extracts and monitors data from competitors.
  • WordTune - The synonym queen for words, phrasing and paragraphs. 

Where does that leave us?

In conclusion, AI can only use what's come before to give you answers. If you're trying to predict the year ahead, you need time, data, research and industry expertise to help. 

That's where Navigate can help. 

We've been working in marketing for decades and love nothing better than helping businesses and organisations plan their marketing output for the future. If you'd like to talk about how we can help you, get in touch today.